YouTube Series "CUBE'D Conversations", positions Cube as a thought leader in the CBD industry by thoughtfully educating about CBD while still remaining fun and relatable. and drives consumer interests. It will also create a strong and engaged community around the brand, as participants will have a shared experience.
"Cube It Up!" Social Media Dance Challenge
Strategy: Launch a social media challenge on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, inviting users to record themselves fun doing a fun dance, using the hashtag #CubeItUp. Cube's Design Team can generate branded stickers like the cannabis leaves for participants to add to their video entries. Reward the most creative and popular entries with free products, branded merchandise, or exclusive discounts.
Projected Results: This will create user-generated content, drive brand awareness, engage the audience, and create a sense of community around Cube. It's a fun way to showcase Cube's playful, snarky brand voice
Strategy: Start a blog on the Cube website featuring helpful articles for both consumers and corporations about CBD, wellness tips and fun lifestyle content.
Projected Results: This will drive organic traffic to the Cube CBD Gummies' website, position Cube as an industry expert, nurture and support the CBD Community, generate leads through subscriptions and boost sales.

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