Brief was to create a new modern brand identity for a boutique hotel in Paris, ensuring that its dedication to exceptional service and refined elegance was still prevalent throughout.
"Maison" in French means "Home". This was an important visual to portray within the logo design to key in on the hotel's welcoming nature.
The goal was to focus on a revamping of amenities; giving Maison Moderne a 2023 flair to bring the hotel into the modern age while still exuding the luxury it's been known for. This included introduction of Digital Concierge Service and the opportunity for hotel guests to experience a Virtual Reality Exhibit featuring work by local artists.
Paris Unplugged Marketing Campaign: Generate interest and leads, increase bookings, and establish industry authority.
Maison Moderne can leverage the reach and credibility of travel publications to showcase its unique offerings, increase brand exposure, and capture the attention of a wider audience. The content collaborations provide an opportunity to engage with potential guests, inspire travel, and position Maison Moderne as a desirable destination for luxury travelers.
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